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Medical Financial Toxicity is becoming more predominant as the medical industry explores viable alternative therapies for the treatment of many diseases. MFT is defined as a serious issue for patients who cannot pay for medical bills after insurance is exhausted or as a result of non-insurance. Resources become finitely diminished when a patient has to choose between life-saving modalities and paying for everyday expenses. 

Bret and Kandace Saberhagen experienced this firsthand during Kandace’s breast cancer treatments. “There were therapies available to me that yielded great results with a plethora of supporting data and they came with a hefty price” Kandace noted. Insurance will not cover experimental drugs or therapies. Many therapies have been widely used worldwide and demonstrate extensive data. The auditing factors and reasons behind why certain medical procedures, therapies, and drugs that carry supporting data are not covered are unknown. 

Resources We Offer:

Financial Assistance for Treatment – 

If you or a loved one is struggling to cover the staggering costs of certain medical treatments, pharmaceuticals, or procedures please provide the following:

  1. Complete the attached form and return to admin@SabesWings.com
  2. Share your story of need with us

Financial Assistance for Family Obligations

If you or a loved one is at a crossroads where a choice needs to be made between paying for medical necessities or life necessities, we might be able to assist. No one should make the choice between paying a mortgage to keep a family safe under one roof or providing the proper medication to keep a family member alive. 

  1. Complete the attached form and return to admin@SabesWings.com 
  2. Share your story of need with us

*note* all stories may be shared publicly to receive proper funding

All requests will be reviewed in the order received. 

Bret Saberhagen is happy to sign all MLB memorabilia and donates a portion of his signings to the SabesWings Foundation. Additionally, he does private signings all over the country. Please inquire by email admin@SabesWings.com to schedule a private signing. 

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