SabesWings was developed with the patient in mind.

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The spirit of love, the gesture of kindness, the support of our wings lifting those in need when presented with fear.

SabesWings was developed to assist those suffering from
financial medical toxicity because no patient should choose between treatment and everyday expenses.

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Who’s at risk for Financial Toxicity: EVERYONE…it has no specific target.

  • Patients may not take their prescribed medicine
  • Lower quality of life
  • Debt and bankruptcy
  • Spouse and caregivers experience financial toxicity

According to CNBC,
The cost of cancer today is $100,000 annually for many patients. Drs Rebecca Snyder,
George Chang “Financial toxicity: A growing burden.”
According to Susan Gaber’s New York Times article, “The Financial Toxicity of Illness”
published February 21, 2019
According to Dr. Fumiko Chino, a radiation oncologist at Duke University, reported that
among a select study survey, 50 percent of those polled were willing to declare
bankruptcy to pay for continue care. 39 percent were willing to sell their homes. 
According to, Cancer survivors were 2.7 percent more likely to file for
bankruptcy than individuals without cancer.
Among working age cancer survivors, the prevalence of financial stress and worry about
paying medical bills for cancer are as high as 64% not being able to pay, according

The Saberhagens are passionate about a cause so worthy of their attention. After an 18 year career playing Major League Baseball, Bret, has devoted much of his time to caring for Kandace, as she has battled multiple times and continues to win. Together they have seen firsthand the trauma and chaos a cancer diagnosis brings to a family. With the help of close family and friends, they have created SabesWings with the intent to help eliminate medical financial toxicity.

Our Pledge

With the vast majority of nonprofit ventures
giving to research efforts, it leaves little resource for the one entity who is in greatest
need of support: the patient.

Our Pledge is to raise support for her.